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Different types of home urine drug test kits are available using which you can conduct drug test at home. If you are uncertain, to test positive for the test, then, instead of testing positive in companies or lab and getting embarrassed, try home urine drug test and obtain accurate results with complete privacy.

The most popular and easy to use home urine drug test includes devices, which have five panels. Such devices give precise results for THC, cocaine, PCP, amphetamines and opiates. The cut off level for urine drug test using these kits are 50 NG/ML, which are same as that carried out in labs.

Urine Drug Testing Procedore

To start the home urine drug test, collect the urine sample in a clean, desiccated, and disposable cup. Next, open the pouch and remove the kit from it. Never remove the testing device unless you start the testing process.

Remove the cap from the device to reveal the panels or strips. Dip the strips by holding the device in urine sample for at least ten seconds. Avoid contact of device with the urine sample container. Take out the strips and read results after five minutes.

The home urine drug test using five-panel method gives three possible results. If a pink band appears in C region of the device, and T region does not show any band, it indicates that the test is positive. It means you have failed the home urine drug test. Positive results also indicate that drug levels in your urine sample are above or equal to cut-off levels.

If two pink bands appear on the device, that is, one band on C region and other on T region, the results of the test is negative. It means you have passed the test and drug levels in urine sample are null or lower than the cut-off level.

If C as well as T region does not show any signs of band, the test becomes invalid. Probably you may have implemented wrong testing procedure. In such case, you need to conduct the test again.

Home Urine Drug Test Using Single Panel

You can obtain single panel test kit from medical counter. Open the foil by tearing the notch line and take out the testing device. Keep the device on a leveled surface. Here also you need to follow a word of caution, do not open the pouch unless you get ready to begin the urine drug test.

Collect the urine sample in a disposable and dry cup. Add four to five drops of urine sample into the space provided in your home urine test device. Wait for five minutes and read the results. If single line appears on the C region, the test is positive. If two lines appear, one on C region and another on T region, the test is negative. Moreover, if no line appears test is invalid.

Home urine drug test kits are also useful to check the toxic levels present in body, especially when you have quit taking drugs. Thus, these kits are an effective, easy, quick, and confidential way to check the drug metabolites in the body from the comfort of your home.

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NOTE: These products are not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and are to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.
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